Custom made programs for people, teams and organizations.

Accessing, integrating and embedding 21st century skills to inspire 21st century leaders.

Using today’s best practices to create tomorrow’s best professionals.


1-on-1 sessions that empower, encourage and enable individuals to reach their full potential.

Promoting latent possibilities through deep inquiry, understanding and creative risk-taking.

Creating a route whereby people and teams can find their goals and chart their own progress towards them.


By ‘holding the mirror up to nature’ people can recognize, reflect upon, revise and 
rewrite the scripts that stop them from making the most of their role.

From rehearsals to role play, from stand-up to Shakespeare, individuals and 
teams will study how to act to increase their influence at each stage of their career.


These are some of the programs I’ve designed and presented in the Netherlands and abroad. Ready to go in your team or organization.

Leader In Balance

Acquiring the steadiness necessary to sustain success.

Personal Presence

How to be assured, authoritative, agreeable and authentic.

The Intercultural Communication Landscape

See and hear the world in stereo not stereotypes.

Change Of Scene

Steer clear of the points that derail change management programs.

The Coaching Consultation

Candor, consideration, confidence.

Presenting American Style

Sell your ideas, your products and yourself, without selling out.

Demonstrate Your Diva

For the shrinking violets who would like to say and do what they really think.

Sustainable You

Growing a renewable environment – your own.

Dealing With The Dutch

How to build upon the polder model.

About Cobleworks

Cobleworks is an independent training company who use their own and established methodology to support and accelerate learning in international businesses. Clients range from corporates to non-profits and from academia to industry. Bespoke programs are designed, developed and delivered in English or Dutch (or both) and focus on the career and skills requirements of future leaders, managers, teams and companies.

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About Juanita Coble

Born in the USA, I’ve been living and working in the Netherlands since 1996. My American theatrical ‘flair’ and working style, combined with the Dutch practical and direct attitude leads to a creative, pragmatic and personal approach which helps clients get down to the nitty-gritty quickly and focus on the opportunities rather than the obstacles.

My experience as a trainer, actor and coach ensures unique all-round training sessions. I contribute to developing skills and encourage personal exploration. Cobleworks creates safe environments where people can practice and perfect new behaviors, there and then, so they ‘stick’.

A four-time invited speaker at the Association for Talent Development’s International conference, I keep up to date with the latest innovations and techniques, and use these wherever and whenever they can add value.

For those of you who are wondering, the boat association comes from my father who was a designer and foreman for some of the America’s Cup boats. In addition, a Coble is a small flat hulled, high-bowed boat prevalent in the North of England, with Dutch origins, quick to launch, multi-purpose, safe in all weathers – just like me.


“Ms. Coble is a multi-talented professional who uses her talents and skills to make the training programmes meaningful and enjoyable. She takes time to understand the needs of an organisation like the OPCW, and engages in a good dialogue with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the programmes are well structured and focused on our needs. Our employees are appreciative of her efforts to understand them and their varied backgrounds, and she does this with sensitivity, interest and respect.” Ms. Livia Lobo

Head HR, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

“Juanita’s ability, expertise and enthusiasm are obvious. She is professional, competent, open and approachable. Not only does she convey material clearly and concisely, but she also encourages participants to explore, relate and apply it to their personal situation. In short, she is a pleasure to work with, and would I thoroughly recommend her to anyone.” Peter-Mathijs Linsen

Central Director, LVO-Parkstad


I feel fortunate to have worked for and with a variety of clients, from a wide range of cultures and sectors. Including:


Overcoming Barriers to Behavior Change

Together with my colleague, Adélka Vendl, I was invited to write an article based on the workshop we gave at the ATD (Association of Talent Development) International Conference in May, 2016 in Denver. The association publishes a monthly journal, TD at Work, for change agents and the wider learning and development industry.

The article “Overcoming Barriers to Behavior Change” examines some of the challenges arising when individuals and institutions have to adapt to new situations. It is a unique guide, taking change agents and managers through the process of successfully initiating and embedding new behaviors in teams and organizations.

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